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Primary solutions

Backup & Recovery Console

An all-in-one platform for system administrators. It lets you create backup devices for further deployment, run unattended installations, manage backup and recovery processes, view reports and more. View guide

Backup Manager

The primary tool for backup and recovery. It specializes in enterprise-level data that cannot be handled with the help of mass-market solutions: databases, virtual machines and content management systems.

Backup Documents

A purpose-built data protection solution for Windows workstations and laptops. It provides highly automated data protection of key office files (every Word doc, spreadsheet, presentation, text file, .pdf, .csv) at a price point similar to antivirus software. View guide

Additional solutions

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Create a working mirror of a computer and run it in a virtual environment. The mirror can be kept up-to-date automatically through the continuous restore feature. View guide

Bare Metal Recovery

A specialized tool for restoring the whole operating system with its configuration and software to new hardware. No prior OS installation necessary. View guide

Recovery Console

A multi-instance recovery tool for system administrators. It lets you set up proactive data recovery from servers and workstations to any location. View guide